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Girls Teams


Girls' Team   

Competition in girls' gymnastics as a sport concentrates on strength, flexibility, and power, but also includes fluidity of movement, grace, and artistic presentation.  Gymnastics Sport Center provides the best fully-equipped training facility in West Texas.

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Mom & Tot Classes

These classes, for moms (or dads) and their children ages 1-3, are a comprehensive fitness program designed to improve motor coordination and hand/eye coordination.  Activities are designed to improve body strength, flexibility and self-confidence, and strengthen the parent/child bond.

All-Around Gymnastics Classes

Classes are offered for boys and girls ages 3 and up.  Each class lasts one hour per week.  During each class period, the student will work on tumbling, springboard, in-ground trampoline with overhead spotting belts, balance beam, uneven and single bars, and the pit.  In age groups, the children will develop coordination, strength, flexibility, and self-confidence.  Our instructors emphasize positive motivation to develop self-esteem in a safe environment.

Tumbling/Cheerleading Classes

These classes are for the student, age 8 and up, who is interested in tumbling, Tumble-Trak, and trampoline.  We focus on skills including round-off back handsprings, tumbling series, and gymnastics and cheerleading jumps.  Classes meet one hour per week. Cheerleader Training Classes

This 1 ½ hour class is for girls ages 4 and up.  This is a slower-paced class than our tumbling/cheerleading class with basic instruction in tumbling (handstands, cartwheels, round-offs & back handsprings), trampoline, stunts and routines.   This class is good preparation for our Heat competitive cheer squads.

Boys’ Classes

Boys age 6 and up are eligible to enroll in these classes designed to teach basic skills on the men’s Olympic events – rings, parallel bars, pommel horse, tumbling, high bar, and vault.  classes meeting one hour per week.

Competitive Gymnastics

Outstanding students will be invited to move up to our advanced level teams as they meet certain skill requirements.  Coaching is still done in a positive, success-oriented manner while at the same time challenging the gymnast according to his/her abilities.  Workout times and fees vary per level.

Boys Teams


Boys' Team

Boys' competitive gymnastics has been a part of the Gymnastics Sport Center program for over 20 years.  Our program concentrates on coordination, strength, flexibility and kinesthetic awareness.  These skills are essential elements in the boys' competition routines.  Gymnastics is the best building block for enhanced skill development and participation in any sport for boys.

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